Thursday, September 29, 2011

day by day

i think my love towards you become more stronger day by day,,=,=..hah you bwatpe kt i ne??you jampi i ye..:p..i think i still missing you although we always meet..sah kena dah dengan you ne..=,=..dear i think we will face many challenges after this..so kte kena kuat tau!klu i gedik kalut2 you marah tau..eh xmau xmau..tegur and nsehat jela..nnt you mara i sedih and nangis plak..:p..i think i cant live without you..so jangan tinggalkan i tau??janji??..i think i always need your support..sebab you kn pemberi smgt i!so you kenalh support i kn!i think i need your sayang everyday..=,=...dah ketagih mcm you plak dah,,,:p,,,hahaha...LASTLY i think i want marry with you..:p..so!!you p study rjin2!keje baek2 cpt2 pinang i tau tau..gatai..:p..

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