Monday, August 22, 2011

hopefully you are the one...:))

everyday in my pray i will pray for our relationship..i hope you are the one that made for me..:))..its true what my sister said before this..before we meet someone that truly for us we will met many guys,and all that guys will hurt you,although its hurt she said just go on with our life bcoz ALLAH want we learn from our mistakes..she said also from the mistakes we learn and try not doing again in a new relationship..for me now my little heart said that you are the one for me,,and i hope you are not a wrong person again bcoz now i already put my love and trust on you..so please dont break our promises..bcoz i will try my best to be the best for you...i want be the last person in your life..i hope that so much..i cant see if you with another person...thats true maybe i already crazy about you..hee..you are the best that i ever had...:))..iloveyou AZREN BIN A'SHRI no else no doubt its you only!

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